Mac Repairs in Hereford, Worcester, Shrewsbury, Cheltenham, Cotswolds, Birmingham West, Central Wales, Oxford and surrounds
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Physical repairs

For work involving hardware repairs it is necessary for us to visit you in person. This type of work would include repaired or replacement keys, screens, memory, drives and other accessories.

90% of repairs undertaken are completed within the hour.

Our call out fee is determined by mileage and we will quote you on this at the time of booking. As the nature of our work involves a lot of travel, it is sometimes possible to book your appointment when we are already at a nearby client - and this can of course keep call-out costs a little lower.

Some examples of work we undertake are:

  • Hard Drive replacement
  • Hard Drive upgrades to a Solid State Drive on many machines
  • Screen replacement on most devices
  • Logic board and graphics board supply and fitment
  • Graphics chips replaced on machines where this is possible
  • Keyboards repair and replacement
  • Trackpad repair on laptops (freestanding trackpads are usually more economical to replace)
  • Replace cracked casing
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Hardware Upgrades

You may also need to upgrade your hardware to add more capacity, increase performance, handle more complex graphics or more simultaneously open applications. In this respect we can offer:

  • Hard Drive health check & replacement
  • Hard Drive upgrade to Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Battery replacement and install
  • Memory Upgrades

Upgrades are of course dependant upon the mac you own and the maximum capacities allowed when built. Once we know your exact model we can advise on the possibilities.