Mac Support in Hereford, Worcester, Shrewsbury, Cheltenham, Cotswolds, Birmingham West, Central Wales, Oxford and surrounds
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Technical and user support is offered both remotely and on-site. We cover Hardware, System Software, Application Software, Networks and Backup. Please scroll down for more detail.
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At Home / On-Site Support

Whilst support is also offered remotely, a visit to your home or business premises can work better in some circumstances. In particular some clients prefer the ease of conversation when working with a ‘real’ person! It often depends how involved you wish to be in the support work process.

Our call-out fee is determined partly by mileage and we will quote you on this at the time of booking. As the nature of our work involves a lot of travel, it is sometimes possible to book your appointment when we are already at a nearby client - and this can of course keep call-out costs a little lower.

Remote Support

Setting up ‘remote desktop’ usually requires an initial on-site visit although a half-hour phone call works fine if you are comfortable with following technical instructions.

When working remotely, we have a secure connection and full control of your machine whilst communicating. Remote desktop, as it is known, is fully secure and can only be activated with your permission.

Once set up, remote desktop can be activated at any time and work is charged in 30 minute chunks with no call out fee.

Hardware & System Software

We offer support across all Apple Mac hardware both new and old! These include (but are not limited to):

• Macbooks including Pro & Air ranges
• iMacs
• Power Macs
• Apple Screens - standalone and iMac
• Keyboards and Mice - USB and Bluetooth
• iPads - all versions including PRO
• iPhones - all versions
• iPod - all versions

ALL Mac Operating Systems from OSX 10.3 Panther to the latest release of macOS 13 Ventura.

All versions of iOS for iPhones and iPads.

Common Problems

The kind of problems we regularly resolve include the following:

• Mac running slowly
• Mac freezes / spinning beachball issues
• Bluetooth disconnects
• Applications crashing or not opening
• Mac won’t boot up
• Mac boots up but shows an error
• Clean Install of new Operating System
• Macbook not charging
• Internet connectivity / speed problems
• Documents opening in the wrong App
• CD / DVD stuck in your machine
• Strange behaviour - icons vanish etc
• iCloud syncing issues
• Calendar problems
• email problems
• Networking issues - wi-fi and ethernet

Data Recovery

Failed or noisy hard drives can very often have some or all data recovered. The first step is to turn off your machine and leave it off. This could be the difference between success and failure.

We can assist with various types of drive including;

  • iMac hard drives
  • Macbook and Macbook Pro hard drives
  • External drives
  • USB flash drives

Once scans are completed a list of the recovered files can be emailed to the customer before actual recovery takes place. The recovered data would then be copied onto an external hard drive.
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Data recovery work is priced by the hour and ‘stage by stage’ as it is very difficult to predict in advance how successful recovery will be. You can rest assured however that we will keep the cost under control and at any point we think the likelihood of success is low, will stop the work and advise you.